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The ABC’s of Abstinence is a workshop designed to; Map out YOUR
Abstinence and YOUR Food Plan and Get Clear on the Difference!

It is my lifetime gift to Overeaters Anonymous and open to all who
share my compulsion.  All are welcome. 

In l989, despite the fact that I was living by what all accounts was a successful, “A List” life; I dieted my way up to 260 pounds! I just couldn’t get that “I was powerless and that my Life was unmanageable” (The First Step of recovery in Overeater’s Anonymous) After all, I thought everything worked!! I only had one problem. I was fat! Really fat and it was getting really bad really fast. I was 260lbs busting out of a size 24! I knew I didn’t want to keep living in my obese body any longer but I couldn’t imagine how that could ever happen. I am now a fabulous size 6 and have been for over Twenty Five+ years without any weight relapse.

I found the answer to all of my prayers when I entered the rooms of Overeater’s
Anonymous, a Twelve Step Program of Recovery that has helped countless people
around the world abstain from the destructive practices of compulsive overeating,
obesity, anorexia and bulimia.  I lost all of my weight and have maintained
a 125 pound weight loss for over twenty consecutive years.  Today my
body, spirit and days are filled with joy, vitality and purpose.  I
know I will abstain i.e.; continue to maintain a healthy body weight for

In 2003 at the 43rd Annual “OA Birthday Party” hosted by the Los Angeles Intergroup of Overeater’s Anonymous I was asked to speak on a topic of my choice. This began what is known today as the “The ABCs of Abstinence.” Mapping out YOUR Abstinence and YOUR Food Plan and getting clear on the difference! This is a workshop designed to help still suffering overeaters with questions that once completely baffled and confused me: What is this thing called “abstinence”? What will my personal abstinence be? What should my personal food plan be? What is the difference between abstinence and a food plan? And as importantly, how do I live a fulfilling, thriving life at a healthy body weight without ever having to relapse again?

The ABC’s of Abstinence; Mapping out YOUR Abstinence and YOUR food plan and getting clear on the difference, addresses these questions in a thorough way on all three levels; spiritual, emotional and physical. It is a workshop designed to help put the “plug in the jug” so we can continue on our path of recovery of the 12 steps to “trudge the road of happy destiny” (as it says in the Big Book of AA), without carrying the extra weight and heartache with us.

It is my heart’s desire that all who suffer with my addiction of compulsive overeating will one day walk into the rooms of OA and have a clear and immediate knowledge of what it means to put the “plug in the jug” with compulsive overeating in other words abstinence, to obtain and maintain a healthy body weight for life.  I want to spare others the struggle that I had with the cloudy unclear confusing meaning of abstinence, and a food plan, repeated diets, and repeated relapses. I don’t want anyone to waste 11 years of their precious life trying to figure it out– like I did!  I could have over 36+ years of abstinence!! But I don’t, I only have 25+ years!! But I now have it for life!  I have had an amazing journey with all its joys, trials and tribulations that life has to offer.  I just want to offer the hope I now have to others, so that we can let God in and keep the weight off, for life! WE can move not just from obesity survivor, but to obesity Thriver! I am an Incest Thriver! I am an Osteoarthritis Thriver, I am a Cancer Thriver but I am most proud to be an Obesity Thriver and a member of Overeaters Anonymous!

The ABC’s is an acronym for: Acceptance, Belief, and Change
A=Accepting that we have the addiction.
B=Believing that we have a solution.
C=Change; We Stop trying to change ourselves but become willing to take action by allowing ourselves to be changed. “Some of us have tried to hold on to our old ideas and the result was nil until we let go absolutely.”

The ABC’s of Abstinence is Unity and Dignity through Diversity…we are not here to exchange one prison for another, or govern one another, WE are all trusted servants of this miraculous program.

The ABC’s workshop has helped thousands in our fellowship. To date, I have presented The ABCs of Abstinence up and down California, Colorado, Nebraska, Montana, and Washington.  The workshop is usually sold-out and draws 80-100 participants. The hosting Intergroup usually nets $1,000.00 in proceeds for a one day event. (All proceeds go directly to the hosting Intergroup) I have presented the ABC’s Workshop/Retreat over 43+ times and counting!

When we open up the Big Book for the first time we are shown a new way of living we never dreamed possible.
Amazingly we can open up to the same page an experience an entirely new revelation.
So it goes with the ABC’s workshops and retreats.
People return again and again to experience their recovery at a deeper level than before.
Each ABC’s of Abstinence Workshop/Retreat evolves as our higher power wills it.
I always enjoy seeing YOU the new comer and YOU who are now journeying deeper into your next level of Recovery! Such a Joy!

Mini Highlights of the ABC’s of Abstinence Workshop/Retreat;

  • ABC’s of Abstinence:
    • Mapping out YOUR personal Abstinence and YOUR personal food plan to obtain and maintain a healthy body weight for life and getting clear on the difference!
  • Disconnecting from YOUR Addiction & Connecting to YOUR Higher Power
    • The choice is Yours! Choosing YOUR Higher Power every day or choosing Your addiction
    • “Standing at the turning point” …Moving from belief to reliance.
    • Learn the power to re-choose in the moment to return to YOUR higher Power and live at a healthy body weight for life.
    • Recognize YOUR voice of addiction; your addiction speaks to you in your own voice!
  • Safe from Relapse with the ABC’s Recovery Quotient
    • Mapping out YOUR personal Recovery Quotient Chart;
    • Know YOUR actions of taking a step towards YOUR addiction and how to re-choose in the moment
    • Learn to navigate life’s events using the 12 Steps
    • Concepts for life time abstinence
    • YOU are empowered with an entirely new concept for lifetime abstinence

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According to the San Fernando Valley Intergroup, the ABC’s of Abstinence CD set is the best-selling CD in OA worldwide. It is all over the United States including Hawaii, Canada, as well as in Italy, England, & Israel.  It seems to have gotten legs of its own and has been given from one compulsive overeater to another via word of mouth. The ABC’s and I have been recorded many times since 1989. The ABC’s was originally recorded in 2003 and again in 2005, 2006, 2009 and then I lost count!
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Mapping out YOUR personal Abstinence and YOUR personal food plan and getting clear on the difference!
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*Please rest assured that I take anonymity seriously. I value your privacy and will never rent, sell, share or otherwise reveal your email address to anyone else. I will always protect your anonymity

I am forever grateful to Overeater’s Anonymous.

Service is the divine multiplier, I live to serve, I serve to live,

Blessings to YOU,
~Cherie M.

The ABCs of Abstinence
Mapping out YOUR Abstinence and YOUR Food Plan and Getting Clear on the Difference!
Los Angeles, CA

My Daily 10th Step Inventory

  • Our primary purpose is to abstain from compulsive overeating and to carry this message of recovery to those who still suffer.
  • 12th Step of Overeaters Anonymous: Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps, we tried to carry this message to compulsive overeaters, and to practice these principles in all our affairs.
  • Our Code: Love and tolerance of others is our code. (Big Book Page 84)
  • Our Rule: The rule is we must be hard on our self, but always considerate of others. (Big Book Page 74)
  • Promised: If we are painstaking about this phase of our development(ie; right here, right now), we will be amazed before we are half way through. (9th Step Promises Big Book pg. 83)